Safe, you bet... Razzul allows your child to safely surf online by eliminating popup windows, banner ads and providing access to only child approved websites. Additionally, our unique integration also allows for searching via the Yahooligans search engine and you as the parent can allow access to whichever sites you feel are appropriate for your child. A second level of protection filters all web page access by banned or objectionable content.

What would surfing the Internet be if it did not have games and fun for children. Razzul is your child's portal to hundreds of child safe gaming sites. Each site your child selects allows him access to fun and games while you can rest assured he is surfing in a safe environment. Razzul also provides a site of the day which means your child will always be entertained with something new.

The web... a world of information at your child's fingertiups. Razzul is a one stop shop when it comes to educational material. The Razzul interface provides access to many sites to help your child learn and disover everything they need to know. Razzul provides sites for reading, science, math and geography. Plus, ecyclopedias and many other reasearch sites.

How secure is it? Razzul completely locks your child out from access to your personal files and data. By integrating with the Windows Login screen your child is provided with their own login icon. This means they only have access to applications you, as the parent, want them to have. All other features and functions are not even displayed.


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It's what every child deserves.

  • Allow Access to ONLY Pre-Screened Kid Friendly Sites

  • Safe Child Login

  • Blocks Popups and Banners Ads

  • Includes Spam Free Email Account with Content Scanning

  • Parents' Files are Protected & Untouched

  • Schedule & Control Online time

& Much More!

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

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